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Several years after publishing the first article about context-based constraints (in 2000) only a few people have examined or even used them. And from now on, we won't see many additional publications on CoCons because Felix Bübl has left the research realm and works in the industry now.

People with patience might wait for new results - which may take some hundred years. Curious people might examine CoCons, use them, blame and improve the early articles, and add new drive to research on handling cross-cutting requirements.


We rarely publish really fresh ideas in computer science - most articles discuss prevailing concepts and just rename the buzzwords. Surely, CoCons refer to a lot of prevailing concepts, too, like query languages, aspect-orientation or constraints, just to mention a few. But all things considered, CoCons are a fresh concept. Maybe some young researcher has more interest to work on such a fresh concept than on already heavily examined approaches.

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