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CoCons have been developed by the same person who maintains this homepage: Felix Buebl. Many people help developing CoCons, though. Among them, Andreas Leicher provided the most input and improvements. Additionally, Ulrich Kriegel, Ralf-Detlef Kutsche, Martin Grosse-Rhode, Susanne Busse, Alexander Loeser, Thomas Kabisch and many other computer science researchers contributed to CCL. Moreover, the following students who reflected CoCon in their diploma thesis have helped to improve the concept: Martin Skinner, Jianxin Wang, Alexander Bilke, Ute von Angern, Camara Lenusini, Priscilla-Mumene Nkweti and Frank Ratzlow. Furthermore, the students involved in developing the CCL-Plugin for ArgoUML helped to improve CoCons, too. They are listed on the CCL Plugin homepage.

Contact is maintained by Felix Buebl, living in Berlin.

Please send your comments to Felix Buebl at wonderful spam, lovely spam! (hey it took me ages to draw this picture so please don't send me spam emails)

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Does the keybord of your computer have no 'ü'-key? Don't panic. You can write the name 'Buebl' as well ('ue' is the alternate spelling of 'ü'). The umlaut ü in 'Bübl is almost pronounced as the 'y' in 'System'. Try it: Süstem. Excellent!

However, this ü sound does not have an English equivalent. If you speak French, though, you're in luck: The ü is very close to the u sound in the French word sûr. If, on the other hand, you've never spoken a word of French in your life, say ee, hold your jaw and tongue in this position, and then round your lips as if you were pronouncing u. Or call me 'Felix', or stick to the 'y' in 'Süstem'.

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